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Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics


Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics

Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics

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Spectators and Ticket Purchasing Information

Lightridge Parents,


This email serves to provide some important information about attendance at athletic events this upcoming “fall” season, purchasing tickets, health screening, and mitigation strategies. 




Per the governor’s current order (last amended on February 17), 25 spectators are permitted at indoor athletic events and 250 spectators at outdoor athletic events.  This was a change from the previous order indicating two spectators per participant (without a 250 limit).  Some LCPS contests with larger rosters (ex, varsity football games with large football and cheerleading rosters) will now not be able to accommodate two spectators per athlete.  To that end, LCPS is providing the opportunity for one ticket to be purchased per fall athletes at each athletic contest.  The same admission process is used for both home and away teams.   The total ticket limit is 200, rather than 250, because cheerleaders are deemed spectators per the governor’s current order. 




LCPS has secured Ticket Spicket, a contactless ticket vendor for all athletic events. The ticket purchasing experience should make the purchaser feel comfortable; the process is more efficient, contactless, and secure.  Cash will not be accepted at the gate; all tickets must be purchased through Ticket Spicket.  Ticket Spicket has an app available for free download (search Ticket Spicket) to your smartphone devices, or you can access it through your web browser at  Tickets can be purchased through the app or online.  Click “Buy Tickets” and search “Lightridge HS Aldie, VA.” 


One redeemable code is available per athlete.  The code is your athlete’s student ID number.  Tickets are only available for the game in which they are playing (ex, a football parent cannot buy a field hockey ticket).  Once a ticket has  been purchased with the student ID, no more tickets can be purchased for that game with that student ID.  Tickets purchased with the student ID code must be purchased before 12 noon the day of the game.  Please communicate with your family so you are aware who is buying the ticket with the student ID.  Tickets can be purchased in advance, as the whole season is currently available for purchase.  




If the game is canceled, refunds will be issued through Ticket Spicket.  Contact  If a ticket is purchased, but the purchaser does not attend the game, refunds are not issued.  If a game is rescheduled, tickets will automatically be redeemable for the rescheduled date.




Follow signage, as some schools may be using different ticket entrance for home and away fans.  The purchaser should have the ticket showing on their phone.  Do not “tear” your ticket on your phone until you arrive at the gate and the ticket manager instructs you to do so.  Additionally, all spectators/officials/visitors/media will have to complete an online health questionnaire prior to entering the contest.  The questionnaire is available at and should be filled out prior to walking to the gate.  A green check mark marks the end of the questionnaire.  Please have that screenshot available and ready to show on your phone as well as the purchased ticket.  Every individual person must complete the questionnaire. 




As well as completing the online health questionnaire, other mitigation strategies will be in place.  Follow facility signage for locations to sit.  Most schools will have bleachers marked signifying where each person needs to sit.  Those locations are distanced from one another.  Family members in the same household can sit at the same bleacher location. 


All spectators, coaches, athletes, and school officials need to wear masks at all times throughout the athletic contest. 


All spectators are to remain socially distanced at all times (in the bleachers, walking throughout the venue, in the restroom, etc). 


Multiple games on the same night (ex, F/JV/Var volleyball, field hockey, and F/JV football)—fans will be instructed to leave the facility immediately when the contest finishes.  Spectators for the next game will be waiting outside the stadium (or In the hallway for volleyball).  Plan to arrive immediately before the game if you do not want to be waiting outside the venue.  Once the facility is vacated by the prior game’s spectators, the next game’s spectators can enter. 




Because meets often have different numbers of competing teams, spectator limits per athlete will be communicated by host schools.  Each cross country race will adhere to the governor’s limit of 250 spectators.     Possible spectator admission fees are subject to the facility’s procedures and will be communicated by the host school.  Ticket Spicket will not be used for cross country. 




Spectator policies and allowances will be communicated by the host school, as each course may have different policies in place.  Ticket Spicket will not be used for golf. 


NFHS Network:


All contests in LCPS stadiums and main gymnasiums will be broadcast live on the NFHS Network.  In the same manner as winter sports, subscriptions can be purchased at  Please see the following announcement regarding the NFHS Network that was sent to winter athletes’ families.  These instructions remain the same for our “fall” sports season.


Lightridge High School is proud to announce that we have partnered with the NFHS Network to broadcast our Lightning athletic events LIVE. That means that if you or family members can’t make it to the game, the live action can be watched from anywhere on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

LCPS has been working for the last year on the partnership with the NFHS Network to broadcast live all LCPS athletic contests.  This process started well before the current COVID pandemic, but obviously the NFHS Network now provides a platform for LCPS families to watch any sporting event in the county during the current pandemic and spectator restrictions.  Even after COVID, the NFHS Network will be a great way to watch games when you cannot attend or for out of town family and friends to watch games.  Anyone with a subscription can watch any of our athletic contests.


By subscribing to the NFHS Network you get full access to all content on the network for our school and any other broadcast nationwide!  Subscribing is easy:

1.Go to

2.Enter “Lightridge High School – Aldie, VA” in search box

3.Click “Follow” so you can stay up to date on all upcoming Bolt broadcasted events

4.Click “Subscribe” for all subscription options for our school

This subscription is made with the NFHS Network, not LCPS.  The subscription can be monthly or annual.  Note that the subscription allows viewing for any game on the NFHS Network in the country, as well as all main gyms, stadiums, baseball fields, and softball fields within LCPS. 


Thank you for your continued support of Lightridge athletics. 



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